We understand that railways depend upon clear, reliable, and integrated electrical systems for lighting, signaling, and communications.

Today’s transportation infrastructure depends on sophisticated integrated electrical systems for lighting, signaling, and communications. As a result of our long-standing involvement with constructing complex electrical systems and our highly skilled engineering and craft professionals, we can provide our clients with the latest technology, and the most advanced skill sets available to install electrical systems, including intricate distribution networks for mass transit and rail communications, signal, and traction power.

We understand the complexities of electrical systems integration and provide input early on in the planning process by verifying constructability and determining best practices. During preconstruction, we align all work activities to keep to the schedule’s critical path and create benchmarks to check success along the way. We also ensure the appropriate sourcing of equipment while effectively managing the project’s budget. During the testing and commissioning phases, we ensure that all electrical systems are correctly integrated and work efficiently and safely. Our team approach with all project stakeholders – from a project’s inception through to completion and follow through to the testing and commissioning phases – is the key to a successful outcome. 

Modernizing airport runways and improving other airside and landside infrastructure is key to enhancing the dependability of air travel.
Our extensive experience, long-standing client relationships, and partnerships with key local subcontractors empower us to deliver complex bridge projects on time and on budget while maintaining our firm commitment to safety and quality. Our strong performance in this market consistently places us within ENR’s Top 20 Bridge Contractors.
Our performance on hundreds of projects in this market sector has enabled us to place consistently within ENR’s Top 20 Mass Rail & Transit ranking.
We are a trusted source of the New York MTA to rebuild subway stations, tunnels, and commuter rail systems that sustain extensive and irreparable damage both after 9/11 and post-Superstorm Sandy.
Our extensive project portfolio encompasses construction, modernization, and expansion of highways, interchanges, and toll roads. We’ve constructed thousands of miles of highways and roadways for numerous entities ranging from local communities to state departments of transportation.
Whether above or below ground, we partner with clients to design and develop transportation projects that connect all of our communities — safely and reliably.