We deliver solar projects that contribute to a cleaner environment, energy security, and improved quality of life for individuals and communities. OHLA’s talented and capable teams understand the complexities and challenges involved in bringing turnkey solar plants to market on time and on budget.

Our complete range of engineering services including feasibility and design studies, 3D modeling, project cost estimates, piping and instrumentation development, and structural design analysis coupled with our in-house talent and highly experienced project management teams will ensure the best outcomes.

During the execution phase, OHLA facilitates the procurement of all equipment and instrumentation while associated civil and infrastructure work is performed. After the installation of equipment is finalized, we complete thorough tests necessary to ensure the plant meets optimal energy output and compliance with safety standards.  This includes testing the electrical components, measuring system performance, and conducting safety checks. We then coordinate with the local utility to establish a grid connection. Monitoring and performance analysis will follow to optimize the plant’s operations and troubleshoot any performance issues.