This enhanced delivery method is similar to design-build in which we hold the contract with the owner and subcontract with an engineering firm to design and construct an infrastructure project.

However, instead of our clients using current taxpayer funding to pay for the project, we arrange for private financing against future public allocations to accelerate project delivery.

Our wide breadth of experience, along with our value-added work approach and deep knowledge of local markets, enables us to bring bid-build contracts in on time and within budget.
We provide our clients with the highest level of budget control to deliver the project at an approved price. We work closely with our clients during the preconstruction and design phases adding value and insight by ensuring constructibility.
At OHLA, we take immense pride in offering cutting-edge Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) services tailored specifically for the dynamic solar energy market.
Our clients benefit from the broad range of experience that OHLA USA has in carrying out design-build projects in which a single contract for both design and construction is executed by one company.
The construction industry is constantly evolving and trending towards new and more sophisticated delivery methods, especially for public procurements in which funding gaps have been rapidly increasing.