We are always reaching the targeted certification or one above it, and have certified over 30 buildings. To reduce waste, we have successfully implemented programs to divert at least 85% of all our construction waste from ever reaching a landfill.

To maximize indoor air quality, OHLA creates and executes IAQ Plans during construction that increase the health and safety of our workers and ensure that the indoor air in the building is of the highest quality when delivered to the customer. To minimize site and environmental disturbances, we follow stormwater and pollution prevention protocols that minimize the spreading of construction dust or sediment to areas outside the construction site, thereby improving community relations.

OHLA couples tried and true construction processes with state-of-the-art systems to provide Building Information Modeling (BIM) technologies to coordinate design and construction elements, as needed.
From conceptualization to completion, we add value every step of the way. Our broad service offerings include site selection analysis, design-assist services, constructability review, preconstruction, and bid management.
OHLA USA has an established, award-winning track record of delivering design-build projects coast-to-coast. We have the knowledge, technical capabilities, and experience as well as a thorough understanding of the design-build process.
Our expertise and a full complement of construction services ensure that projects move forward as smoothly as possible. We promote safety, quality, and sustainability throughout the entire process.
Our highly trained and experienced preconstruction team creates detailed schedules for all projects beginning with the design phase and follows through with constructability analysis and review and cost estimating to ensure every construction dollar is wisely spent.